For the following listings, except for probation, first dial 330-343-6797 and then dial the extension you wish to reach.

If you are calling from a rotary phone, please dial direct at 330-343-6535.

Clerk's Office

Violations Bureau Ext. 203
Civil Division Ext. 231
Small Claims Ext. 229
Garnishment Division Ext. 211
Jury Questions Press 0 (zero)
Special Needs Ext. 232
Jury Duty - Status of Cases Press #3
General Questions Ext. 234
Fax Number 330-364-6885

Probation Department

Main Number 330-343-6880
Leslie Miller, Chief Probation Officer
Mindy Craig
Wendy Jones
Brian Mathews
Fax Number 330-602-3576

Bailiff's Office

Matt Henry, Chief Bailiff Ext. 204
Service of Writs Ext. 204

Administrative Support

Court Administrator Ext. 223
Assignment Commissioner Ext. 217

Outside of Building

New Philadelphia Prosecutor Attorney Marvin Fete 330-364-4491 Ext. 261
New Philadelphia Mayor 330-364-4491 Ext. 242
Dover Prosecutor Attorney Doug Jackson 330-365-7718
Tuscarawas County Prosecutor Attorney Ryan Styer 330-365-3214